Native Danish translator

Consistent and on time translations

A native Danish translator, I have lived in many parts of the world. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Denmark where I got my primary, secondary and A-level education. Most of my adult life I have spent in English speaking countries, I did my university studies in the UK (2001-2005) and worked professionally from 2005-2010 in the UK and Australia. I am thorough and careful with my work and only deliver once I am 100% satisfied with a project.

Things I Can Do

I opened my freelance translation business in 2011 and I focus on these topics: * Gaming and IT * Technical material: User/Installation Manuals (EKG machines, battery chargers, light units, radio receivers, farming equipment, sorting machines...) * Software material (installation guides, general software application screen words etc...) * Website material (for very varied types of website) ProZ profile:

A Few Accomplishments

I have run my business for 6 years and have a happy client base.